Hiroo Nanjo was born in 1947 in Tokyo, studied urban design at University of Tokyo by Kenzo Tange, Sachio Otani, Fumihiko Maki and graduated (BS ARCH) in 1971. 

After working 4 years in The Research Institute of Architecture (RIA) in Tokyo,  Nanjo moved to Sao Paulo/BRAZIL in 1975 and worked during  10 years with many Brazilian Architects such as Joaquim Guedes, Plinio Croce, Roberto Aflalo, Gian Carlo Gasperini, Hector Vigliecca, Miguel Pereira, Roberto Bruno Padovano and so on.  In 1976, the second year in Brazil, Nanjo was the winner of the national design competition for the Convention Center of Bahia State in Salvador.

Prior to returning to Tokyo in 1985 to open his own atelier, Nanjo had worked in many important projects, not only in Sao Paulo but all of Brazil, such as Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Recife-Pernambuco, Caraiba-Bahia, Barcarena-PA.

Atelier NANJO was founded very near from the Brazilian Embassy in Aoyama/Tokyo because of the passion for Brazil, and has maintained contacts with embassy diplomats as well as Brazilian Architects still now.

Nanjo has re-visiting frequently Brazil and was invited two times for San Paulo International Architectual Biennale(1993/1997),  reporting current notices of Japanese architecture to Brazilian audience. At the same time, Nanjo has been acted as an introducer of Brazilian Architecture and Urban Design to Japan, specially about Brasilia and Curitiba, through writing and lecturing in Japan.

Many of Nanjo’s works relate to ueban space design. The Well-city Yokosuka is a typical urban complex project and the Sky-terrace Sayama is a reurbanization project, and both received the city landscape grand prize by Ministry.

Present Position :

Principal, Atelier NANJO

Education :

1971     Bachelor of Architecture, University of Tokyo

Professional Affiliations :

Registered Architect, Japan 
Fellow Member, Japan Institute of Architects 

Teaching and Research :

1996-2006         Tokyo Metropolitan College

Award :

2002     City landscape grand prize by Ministry for Well-city Yokosuka

2014     City landscape grand prize by Ministry for Sky-terrace Sayama

2016     City landscape grand prize by Minato-City for Oaze-Shibaura

Major Projects :

1990    Marina Complex Kawama, Uraga, Kanagawa

1991    Kushikawa Community Center, Kanagawa

2000    Gran-Patios Koen-Higashino-Machi, Makuhari Baytown, Chiba

2000    Well-city Yokosuka, Kanagawa

2001    Top-hils honmachi, Iida-City, Nagano

2006    Elza Setagaya, Tokyo

2008    Plece Akiya Resort, Yokosuka, Kanagawa

2012    Sky-terrace Sayama, Saitama

2013    Proud Tower Shinonome Canal Coart, Tokyo

2014    Oaze Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo

2014    Gran-sweet Azabudai Hilltop Tower, Minato-ku, Tokyo